Frequently Asked Questions

What is an OFF ROAD Camper Trailer?

An OFF ROAD Camper Trailer is suitable for travel on sealed roads, dirt roads and tracks where a 4x4 vehicle is normally required.

Are there any restrictions as to where I can go?

Hills Camper‘s OFF ROAD trailers can be driven on all recognised tracks however  areas consisting of the Simpson Desert, Canning Stock Route are best   navigated by experienced off road drivers.

No Camper Trailer or vehicle can be driven on a beach, below the high tide mark or subjected to salt water at any time.  Tracks that have been "closed" by local authorities, areas in flood and unmarked water crossings are prohibited.  Caution should be exercised whenever crossing creeks.

What vehicle can tow the Camper Trailer?

Tow Bar requirements

The vehicle towing must be fitted with a tow bar and 50mm tow ball (WA standard). Our Eureka camper is supplied with a Tregg Hitch.  WHEN HIRING THE EUREKA YOU MUST REMOVE THE TOW BALL COMPONENT PRIOR TO COLLECTION.

Power requirements

Our Camper Trailers are fitted with 7 pin round 12v plugs. Some European vehicles such as Land Rovers, VW's, BMW’s and Volvo's do not allow the operation of LED trailers lights effectively. In the case it would be mandatory to have adaptor that enables legal operation of LED trailer lights. We can supply these adaptors.

Towing capacity

You vehicles ability to tow relates to the towing capacity of your vehicle. The owner’s manual for your vehicle will indicate maximum legal "braked" towing capacity and maximum tow ball weight. You should ensure your vehicle complies with the following towing specifications to ensure you are not breaching the law and/or compromising your vehicles insurance.


Fortescue Soft Floor Trailer

Eureka Hard Floor Trailer

Approx. Tare Weight


Approx. Tow ball Weight



I am travelling from interstate or internationally, can I tow a Camper Trailer with a Hire Vehicle?

Car Hire Companies have different conditions of use and the towing of a camper trailer may not be allowed.  You must enquire about this when making your car booking with the company.   Please contact us for a list of preferred vehicle hire companies.

How long does the Camper Trailer take to set up?

All our Camper Trailers easy to put up and can be done by one person.  We show you on collection during pre-hire briefing.  Reference and instructional sheets are given for your use while away.   For longer stays, fully enclosed annexes can be erected.

Do I need to supply cooking equipment?

All our Camper Trailers are fitted with a 2 burner gas cooker and a gas cylinder as part of your hire.  For extended trips you may like to hire an extra gas cylinder.

If you do not want to take your own cooking and kitchen ware, a kitchen box can be hired as a very reasonable cost per hire.

Does the Camper Trailer have a fridge?

No fridge is provided in the Camper Trailers. Refrigeration is available by hiring one of our 40 litre Engel fridge/freezer which is powered by 12v or 240v power.

There is ample room in our Camper Trailers for you to take your own fridge if you would like.

Does the Camper Trailer have Power?

We hire AGM sealed 12volt/105amp battery packs custom designed deep cell 12V battery pack to be used with the Fortescue Soft Floor Camper Trailer. This plugs into your car and charges while you drive.  It can be used to run the lighting, fridges and charge your phones and computers.   It is not suitable for use with larger appliances such as microwaves, air conditioners and hair dryers and these items require the use of a generator. The 12v battery pack comes standard with the Eureka Hard Floor Camper.

For extended travel away from 240v power we recommend the supplementary hire of a 2000W Inverter Generator to run additional appliances and/ or recharge the trailers battery. Important Note: Please be aware, cheaper “Non Inverter” generators can burn out equipment as they can damage equipment with  surges.  These may not be used and any damages resulting from their use, will incur repair charges.

Does the Camper Trailer have a water tank?

All our Camper Trailers come with water storage and there are stowage points for extra water containers.  These containers are available for purchase if you don’t already have some.

- Fortescue:  70ltr on board water storage tank.
- Eureka: 110ltr on board water storage tank.

Is the Camper Trailer waterproof and dustproof?

During transit, all our Camper Trailers are fully lockable, waterproof and dustproof if correctly packed and closed.  A waterproof sheet is supplied to cover the bedding of the Campers if the canvas becomes damp when packed up.

Can I leave the beds made up in the Camper Trailer as I travel?

Due to the fact our Eureka Camper Trailers are waterproof and dustproof we recommend that you leave your beds made up while travelling. If using a Fortescue soft-floor camper, use the provided waterproof sheet over your bedding so it can remain on the bed.  This aids fast set up when you get to your destination.

Can the canvas be folded up wet?

If the canvas is wet when you are folding up the Camper Trailer we supply a waterproof sheet to cover your bedding so it will be dry at your next stop. DO NOT LEAVE WET/DAMP canvas folded up for more than 2-3 days otherwise the canvas will go mouldy and perish.  Damages caused by this action will incur charges.

What if I get into trouble? Who do I contact?

Dial triple zero (000) for ambulance, police and fire emergency services in case of emergencies

Find more detailed safety information for travellers on the WA Police website

And if you’re visiting during bush fire season, stay informed with the Department of Fire and Emergency Services website.

Distances in Australia are great and travel to remote regions of this country requires significant preparation. At any time, and in particular if you intend to travel off road, you should consider that you'll need a full complement of recovery gear, spares & tools and be self-sufficient with water, foodstuffs, first aid and communications equipment. If in any doubt about your trip preparation, please ask us for assistance. 

Each Camper Trailer is fitted with the following emergency equipment or spare parts.


Fortescue Camper Trailer

Eureka Camper Trailer

Spare Tyre



Spare Wheel Bearing Assembly



Fire Extinguisher




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